Bottle Panties Keeps Your Water Bottle From Wetting Itself…Literally

You’ve got a real thirst for life, there’s no question about it. You work hard, and you play hard too. If you’re not out at the club sipping gin and juice then you’re downing your favorite Russian Vodka at your own house party. While a hangover doesn’t look all that attractive on anybody, you’ve gotta face the music and get some H2O in you.Kitan Club is bringing your sexy back with their unique line of underwear designed to fit water bottles. You heard us right. You’ll be fighting headaches and nausea while you hydrate AND keep your furniture unscathed. A glorified version of a coaster, this collection of mini underwear comes in stripes, leopard skin, strawberries, plain, or in your favorite eeny weeny teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini.

If you’re a health aficionado or simply recovering from an embarrassing walk of shame, the least you can do is protect your livelihood.

Source – Foodbeast
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