Borg Backpack Should Be Assimilated…Anything Less Is Futile

Any design assimilated handily by The Hive should satisfy the tech-transportation demands of any Trekkie going virtually anywhere – even where no man has gone before.

This brand-new “Star Trek: The Next Generation” Borg Backpack is a faux leather and nylon containment unit with a neatly stitched insignia marking it as property of the galaxy’s most feared unstoppable collective consciousness. The metallic circuit board print lends it that extra hint of cold, mechanical style, but the adjustable straps complement the comfort-shaped back padding to ensure it won’t chafe frail, inferior human flesh.

Ah, but optimal functionality and efficiency epitomizes the Borg. That’s why the Borg Backpack’s securely padded interior pocket fits any size tablet and probably a number of smaller laptops and netbooks. Just in case you’re packing a little extra hard ware, stow extra cables, plugs and devices in the additional front and side zipper pockets.

Star Trek The Next Generation Borg Backpack (3)Star Trek The Next Generation Borg Backpack (1)Star Trek The Next Generation Borg Backpack (2)


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