Borderlands Style Pants Give Skinny Jeans a Makeover

Got a thing for skinny jeans? What is it about them that’s so darn attractive? Maybe it’s the form-fitting preference you have for your clothes. Or maybe you secretly like to show off that bulge or booty. Either way, Etsy seller DejaNeufHeures is creating custom-made Borderlands style Comic book jeans that’ll give your thighs the hug they deserve.

Though the price tag is set at $114, this Etsy seller thrives on the ability to make the pants fit you like a glove. These light jeans are made to give you the feel of being a video game character with interesting marks made on them, though from which comic book universe it comes from we’re still not sure.

If you think skinny jeans are a diamond dozen, give these babies a look. This is yet another example of how Etsy is switching up the craft atmosphere.

Borderlands Pants Borderlands Pants Borderlands Pants Borderlands Pants Borderlands Pants
Source – Geekologie via ETSY
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