Boozie Hoodie Hidden Flask Helps You Sneak Booze While Staying Warm

For whatever your reason you need to sneak booze into a place, people have always been trying to figure out new ways of concealing alcohol in unique, sometimes ingenious ways. If you try to hide beer cans in your jacket, its likely that if you don’t set off the metal detectors, the 500 pound bouncer who pats you down will be hard pressed to believe that your “beer can muscles” are more rock solid than his.

Enter the Boozie Hoodie. It’s a new kickstarter campaign that is trying to raise 50k by June 16th to build the fashionable grey drink gear en mass . The hoodie has two hidden flasks to fill with the poison of your choice which are cleverly dispensed to your mouth via straws which are actually the pull strings to stealthily suck down the swill in secret.

If you don’t mind waiting to the fall, which is perfect time to wear one of these hoodies, then you’ll probably want to consider getting one of these fashion accessories that any college drunkard would be proud to be passed out drunk in.

Boozie Hoodie Hidden Flask 1 Boozie Hoodie Hidden Flask 3 Boozie Hoodie Hidden Flask 4 Boozie Hoodie Hidden Flask 5 Boozie Hoodie Hidden Flask


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