Boosted Board Electric Skateboard Has Remote Controlled Brakes

If you’ve ever heard about or seen the Boosted Board – a remote controlled electric long board, then you know how fun they can be. Well, there is a new electric skate board in town, it’s the second generation Boosted Board, and, it’s better than before.

Although it is considered a ‘last mile board’, which means you would use it to head down to the store, get to the nearest bus stop, or to travel quickly across campus to get to class on time, it is insanely fun to ride.

It’s easy to ride, all you need is a smartphone or tablet to use an app that programs the board’s hand-held remote control unit. With the remote you can control both the acceleration of the board and decrease it’s speed. The main upgrades include greater range capacity of up to 14 miles with an extended battery, better board stability, and newer water-resistant electronic components.

The thing that hasn’t changed is it’s proven high-torque drivetrain and it’s ability to reach max speed of 22 miles per hour. For those who enjoy having serious fun, and who need to get where they’re going quickly, this electric long board is a perfect companion.

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Thrash!! With the remote you can control both the acceleration of the board and decrease it's speed.

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