Boogie Dice are the World’s First Self-rolling, Sound Activated, Programmable, Gaming Dice

Every time up until now when we’ve imitated Oogie Boogie slamming his fist and re-rolling his signature nice, we just keep getting kicked out of casinos and buying people new coffee tables. Know how much seven oak coffee tables will set you back? We do.

Bots Battleground is the game that finally cuts us a break. The highlight of this real-time interactive card game is barely the cards themselves at all. Quite the contrary: it’s all about Boogie Dice, the sound-activated programmable gaming dice that roll themselves with a snap of the fingers – or a clap of the hands or good old-fashioned “HULK SMASH!” on the table itself.

The game itself and their uniquely customizable, versatile dice are literally made for another. Anywhere from 3-6 players aged 8 and up pit uniquely equipped robots strategically against another in player vs. player duels in which the iconized and pre-programmed Boogie Dice determine when players attack and each round’s special rules, in addition to randomizing how long each round lasts. With each bot’s specialized specs and different opportune moments to deploy certain tactics, winning is as a challenge of paying attention to the other player’s strategy and the behavior of the dice to time attacks, form alliances and calculate risks precisely to guarantee success.

Each game set comes with one charger/battle arena, one 60-card unique bot deck, 40 power tokens and a rulebook to go with one set of Boogie Dice. Fully charged dice can continuously roll up to 30 continuous minutes throughout around 500 activations with a 100 mAh rechargeable lithium battery. Dice charge on the charging station’s three metal charging pins and glow red throughout the roughly 40-minute process.

Designed to work compatible within any gaming context, each die contains a vibration motor and microphone that activate at any short and loud sound to begin the roll, a microprocessor and three LED lights, all powered by the internal battery. At any time, the dice can also be programmed to “stop listening” or activate the red LED during an in-progress turn. That’s far from all they can do:

  • Adjust the noise-sensivity accordingly to suit the game’s environment
  • Set them to stop or start rolling after a designated length of time
  • Adjust the motion sensitivity so that simply picking them up starts them rolling
  • Set them to roll randomly for extra excitement and intrigue

The Bots Battleground set offered via the currently ongoing Kickstarter campaign also includes additional special-edition Boogie Dice and a first-of-its-kind expansion pack, adding more strategic possibilities and up to four Boogie Dice at a time to the experience.

With 37 days to go, the current campaign has raised a combined $41,454 from 626 backers toward the developers’ $50,000 goal.

Boogie Dice Automatic Rolling Dice 2Boogie Dice Automatic Rolling Dice 3Boogie Dice Automatic Rolling Dice 5Boogie Dice Automatic Rolling Dice 8
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