Boob Cube Is A Puzzle For Rubiks Cube Idiots Like Me & You

Every four years, Breast Cancer Awareness Month immediately precedes a U.S. presidential election. Considering the two drooling tits we’re about to choose between to reign over our country’s executive branch, the stars could never align more perfectly to showcase something called the “Boob Cube.”

Logic doesn’t parse nearly as easy for everyone out there as we wish it did. Therefore, Moving Parts LLC concocted “The logic puzzle for the rest of us”: essentially, a Rubik’s Cube with only two panels on each side and a complete solution manual explaining its “e^(i*pi) + 5 possible permutations” in unmistakable detail.

It’s a toy for that one friend who knows that nobody can be told what The Matrix is, but keeps asking, “No, seriously, what is it? Keanu Reeves may be in danger and not even know it!” If you crave hours of mind-disintegrating play full of temporal anomalies, black holes, and spatially tessellated void, then perhaps only a puzzle ballsy enough to proudly confirm that it indeed “Failed on Kickstarter” will sate your intellectual starvation.

boob-cube-7 boob-cube-1 boob-cube-2 boob-cube-3 boob-cube-4 boob-cube-5 boob-cube-6


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I think I Can, I think I Can, I think I Can!

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