Bone-Conducting Headphones For Listening Without Ears

One gaming session with Aftershokz Gamez Bone-Conducting Headphones (yes, really) will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that a richer, more immersive gaming experience has been all in your head from the beginning.

In reality, Aftershokz are an apropos accessory for any device with a headphone jack, from any hardware running Skype to an iPhone or mp3 player on the move. We simply choose to focus on the incomparable experience of these cochlear implant-imitating wonders exercising the ultimate in noise reduction on the peripheral world while we cut swaths across scorched battlefields in CALL OF DUTY and terrify the Chipotle out of ourselves in the thick of our favorite survival-horror thrillers.

Traditional earbuds and headphones amplify, enrich and purify sound, but always at the cost of muting surrounding ambient noise that one can’t always afford to ignore. Aftershokz Gamez keep your ears entirely open and functional at all times. That’s because these miraculous audio amplifiers channel sound waves directly to your cochlea by way of your cheek and jaw bones. The eardrum is actually bypassed entirely, making them a boom to hearing-loss sufferers.

Aftershokz Gamez are ideal for phone calls, audiobooks and gaming because the latest bone-conduction technology is optimized to specifically enhance speech. Thanks to the headset’s multifunction button and the bypass of the eardrum, you’ll never miss out on important conversation mid-game or mid-phonecall due to an overpowering background soundtrack ever again. The headset fits snugly around the back of your head thanks with or without its included adjustable tension band. They fit comfortably and safely over slim glasses and repel sweat and moisture by design to keep them useful for long workouts. Reflective stickers included with each set will even keep you extra-visible while out and about at night.

Batteries are rechargeable in two hours via the included micro-USB cable for six hours of play or 10 hours of standby.

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Bone-Conducting Headphones
Bone-Conducting Headphones

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