Bluetooth Speaker That Actually Levitates In Thin Air. Watch The Incredible Video.

Levitating Speaker

The OM/ONE is a Bluetooth Speaker With One Incredible Feature

The OM/ONE is a Bluetooth Speaker With One Incredible Feature

It Levitates In Thin Air!!!

The OM/ONE is a Bluetooth speaker that will provide you with wireless sound to enjoy from your phone or laptop. It can be used to enjoy tunes, or just to take calls wirelessly.

Either way though, this is a device that is going to turn heads more than any other wireless speaker before it. Why? Because it levitates.

That’s right, this entirely spherical, black speaker will actually hover in the air just like the 343 Guilty Spark from Halo. You can even run your hand right underneath it to show your friends that there are no hidden wires attached! Presumably the device uses some kind of magnetism to pull off its trick but either way, it looks fantastic!

And it’s not just a party trick either. In theory, the levitating nature of the device (which is currently on preorder) should allow it to create an even better sound experience. Of course sound is all about vibrations that travel through the air and so by being untethered to the ground, the speaker will be freer to vibrate in the air and help the energy to travel.

The device comes in two models: the OM/ONE and OM/ONE stereo for $199 and $398 respectively.

Either way, you’re getting one of the most eye-catching and novel speaker systems on the market.

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