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Bluetooth Smart Badge Tells People Your Secret Desires Via Your Phone

Personalization and effective presentation are keys to retail customer service success, and now, with this Bluetooth Smart Badge, you can successfully delivery these at the same time, every time.

Name tags are an important way to introduce people, whether it is at schools, corporate events and social events, especially in business. Because, these let customers feel more comfortable while shopping, by knowing your name or the name of your employees.

At that moment, when a customer learns the name of the person helping them, a bond is created, and at that moment a message or sales slogan can be subtly introduced that they will remember, and even act upon it.

With this little lighted name signboard you can add up to eight messages at once, and the best part about it is that you can use an app from your smartphone to program the messages that are displayed using Bluetooth. This makes it truly appealing to business owners and managers who are always looking for ways to market their products and services.


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$29.99 Buy Here
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