Bluetooth Parked Car Finder Is A Vehicle Locator For Parking Lots

There’s over 7.3 billion people living on our planet at any given point in time, and given all the innovations in the automobile industry, little attention seems to go towards parking. Just think about it. If everyone in the world had a car, not only would we be out of parking all the time but our world would be in some real danger.

Many metropolitan areas have rail systems, but until the rest of the world catches up to that concept, you’ll still have to rely on some form of parking. If you’re tired of wandering aimlessly through labyrinth-like parking lots, a recent extension of Bluetooth may save you some time and frustration with this parking lot car finder.

This Bluetooth parked car finder plugs into your car easily and works with your phone to locate your car after beer o’ clock has run its course. It’ll even remind you if you leave your phone behind and doubles up as a charger. Who said Bluetooth didn’t have its uses?
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Automatic Parked Car Finder
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