Bluesmart Smart Luggage Charges Your Gadgets And Has GPS Tracking Built-in

Traveling can be as exhausting as it can be fun, and it can be a hassle before your trip ever begins. There is a lot to worry about when traveling, such as making sure your luggage is locked and secure, charging your laptop, smart phone, or other mobile device is another pain in the rear-end while traveling. Not anymore!

Now, some pretty smart people have got all the answers to the many problems faced by travelers, and it’s called Bluesmart, the world’s first smart, connected luggage. What does it do? It does everything that needs doing when you’re traveling.

Bluesmart luggage is beyond cool, its freezing cold cool! It has a remote lock that is operated from your phone; it has an on-board battery, so you can charge your laptop and any other USB device. But that’s not all, if you lost your luggage, not a problem because it has GPS tracking and you can use your smart phone to find it.

Getting ready to board a plane, and not sure how much your luggage weighs, no problem, this smart luggage weighs itself. And, when you get off the plane and need to locate you luggage near-by, it even has a proximity alert. What’s not to like about the Bluesmart luggage, it can’t make you breakfast in bed, but the company is working on that feature.

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