Blue Yeticaster Microphone Brings The Best Recording Studio To Your Desktop

Whether you stream gaming live on Twitch, record YouTube video voiceovers, sing, run a podcast, or more, finding a great microphone can be tough. Unless you want to spend thousands of dollars, you’ll probably be stuck with one that delivers subpar sound quality. Or so you thought. That was before you met the Yeticaster. It’s unrivaled USB microphone, boom style arm, and shockmount help deliver studio-quality recording to your desk.

It all starts with the Yeti USB microphone. Inside, proprietary tri-capsule technology produces pristine sound with ease. Four different pattern settings and built in controls for pattern selection, volume, muting, and gain make it very convenient. Then, add in a premium broadcast boom arm for flexibility, perfect positioning, and a professional on air appearance. Viewers will know you’re legit when they see the professional-style boom mic capturing your audio. Finally, a Radius III custom shockmount isolates the microphone from vibrations, shock, and ambient noise. Since the shockmount is custom designed for the Yeti, you know you’ll get perfect sound everytime.

Regardless of if you need audio production for a side hobby or your #1 job, the Yeticaster from Blue delivers unrivaled performance. Via USB the audio goes directly to your computer with almost no delay so you can stream or broadcast live with ease. Viewers and listeners alike will thank you for the superb sound quality and you’ll never get tired of swiveling the boom arm over to your face.

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