Blue Raspberry Mobile Studio Microphone Kicks Up Your Podcasting To 11

As one of this century’s biggest phenomena – podcasting, people anywhere can reach out to the world, to express themselves, their opinions and to promote literally anything under the sun.

However, the only things that truly holds people back from developing a fun podcast hobby into a ‘real’ business production is HD video and high-quality audio recording equipment. Which, isn’t an obstacle anymore, thanks to Blue Raspberry – a studio quality mobile microphone.

Blue Microphones is well-known brand, and their previous version, the Yeti, has been so successful that the company created the Raspberry. It is very easy to carry, just put it in a pocket or purse, and then place it on any flat surface to use it. It is that easy to use, just plug and play it.

Don’t let it’s size fool you, it has many function that are controlled by multipurpose buttons and knobs, and it is equipped with a new Internal Acoustic Diffuser, which is a must-have microphone feature for any podcast recording or live stream.

There is a ‘lot’ of technical specifications on this stylish looking microphone, it’s not just an attractive high-quality mic, no, its really a mobile recording studio, and you need to check it out if you ever plan on doing your own podcasting.





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