Bloody Mary Diagram Glasses Are Hand-Decorated Master Classes Teaching Perfect Hair Of The Dog

Ah, the Bloody Mary. If there’s a more indispensable libations in all mixology, we have yet to make its acquaintance.

It manages to somehow be as trustworthy a “hair of the dog” hangover-tamer as it is a go-to infusion of spice added to getting drunk in the first place. Anyone can throw together an easy-mode version from a bottled mixer and one’s vodka of choice, but an eye-opening handmade Bloody Mary is an alcoholic work of art, a thing of boozy beauty.

We submit as Exhibit A these brilliant original Bloody Mary Diagram Glasses created by attorney-turned-artist Alyson Thomas. Her hand-drawn artwork added to these instructional pint glasses lays out the measures and layering for what we can only describe as the quintessential Bloody Mary in a playful style that’s impossible not to appreciate.

Every portion of tomato juice, vodka, lemon, celery, Worcestershire, horseradish, black pepper, and hot sauce is accounted for in its respective savory strata. Trust these exceptionally colorful vessels, and we will gladly guarantee an immaculate spicy, satisfying Bloody Mary time and again.

This is American-made glassware that has been individually decorated piece-by-piece in Edina, Minnesota. Our suggestion: Bloody Mary Diagram Glasses are wonderfully complemented by Thomas’s other Diagram Cocktail Glasses, including practical tutorials in the finer points of the Scotch & Soda, Martini, Margarita, Mimosa, Hot Toddy, and Gin & Tonic.

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