blk. Fulvic Infused Black Water Sets New Standard In Supplement Drinks

Well. It would seem that we’ve been drinking our eight glasses of water per day all wrong all these years. Yes, we fail at water.

In our defense, however, blk. is a healthful beverage so substantially stacked with supplemental nutrients, the hordes of added nutritional boosters probably unceremoniously punted the extraneous, gaudy “a” and “c” from the label right out an airlock to ensure ample space for the full bounty of electrolytes, fulvic minerals, and alkaline pH.

They even sealed them out with a period. These nutrients mean business.

The base of this organic-supplement pyramid is a stack of fulvic minerals, organic remnant deposits left behind by prehistoric plants that combined in the earth with fulvic acids over millions of years. Gradually, they formed rare, rich mineral deposits bloated with beneficial nutrients that all plants and animals thrive upon. Millions of years later, this uncommon wealth of minerals has been unearthed.

The fulvic mineral stack is joined by a wealth of electrolytes, electrically-charged ionic salts that provide living bodies’ cell membranes with the potent electrical charges they need to light up impulses to cells that power activity such as muscle contractions and other necessary functions 24/7. The bloodstream needs a constantly concentrated supply to optimize the body’s performance, especially as we sweat out electrolytes during intense exercise. To that end, blk. is an utter powerhouse.

Capping blk. at the top, active ingredients keeps the body near an ideal 7.5 alkaline pH balance to offset acid-forming foods such as meats, processed foods, soft drinks, sugary snacks, various fruit juices and milk to maintain optimal health and performance.

It all blends with purified, cool water for the perfect, flavorful blend of top-quality nutrients and liquid refreshment. Say it loud. Be blk. and be proud.

blk Spring Water Infused with Fulvic Acid (4)blk Spring Water Infused with Fulvic Acid (2)blk Spring Water Infused with Fulvic Acid (1)

7.5 Total Score
Odd Looking, but Mighty Healthy

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