Blink Video Doorbell Gives You Eyes At The Front Door Even When You’re Not Home

From the trusted security company with an impressive array of security cameras comes the Blink Video Doorbell. People are busy, and Blink gets that. But even though they’re busy, they want their homes to be safe and secure. For the times you can’t be home to get a package, or while you’re away at the kids’ soccer practice, the Blink Video Doorbell gives you eyes back home.

Simply mount the sleek, stylish doorbell next to your door and set it up with the Blink app on your smartphone. Just like that you’ll be ready to go. The doorbell has a blue ring of lights around the button similar to Amazon’s Alexa when it is pressed. A full HD camera rests above it while a speaker sits underneath. This enables you to see what’s going on and provides two-way audio through the app. The camera is also equipped with infrared technology that allows it to see in the dark. It is wireless (a perk of Blink’s model vs. competitors) and runs via battery that lasts for 2-years. The doorbell is weatherproof and tested to hold up even in tough conditions. Blink offers four different colors (Black, silver, bronze, gold) to match your exterior hardware and siding.

One of the coolest features of the Blink Video Doorbell is the instant motion alerts. If someone is at your door, the camera automatically picks it up and sends an alert through the app to your smartphone. From there, you can see what’s happening in real time and use the two-way audio capability to converse with whoever is there. Package delivery? Let them know to leave it on the porch. Would-be burglar? Let them know the authorities have been alerted. With the Blink Video Doorbell you can rest easy knowing that your eyes are everywhere. Even if there isn’t an alert, you can still pull up a live feed from the camera through the app at any time.

If you already use other Blink products, the doorbell is fully compatible with them and all of them are conveniently accessible from the Blink mobile app. With all the benefits packed into this amazing product, there’s no time to wait! Get yours today.



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