Blaze Laser Bike Light Is Cyclist Safety With A Beam Of Light

Thus far, our odes to the askew retailers of Firebox have dwelled on products ranging from the cheeky-but-useful (the Stress Sausage) to creations that make us question their abject scorn for humanity (the Inner Selfie Stick , Habanero Infused Gummi Bears, and 500,000 Scoville Naga Chilli Vodka).

This, though? The Blaze Laser Bike Light makes us believe they’re a bunch of humanity-loving softies after all.

Originally the center of a 2012 Kickstarter campaign helmed by British designer Emily Brooke, the Blaze Laser Bike Light may just be the most brilliant cyclist-safety innovation we’ve been drawn to yet. From your bike’s handlebars, it projects a green avatar of a bicycle five meters in front of the bike onto the pavement. It serves as a warning to drivers projected from their blind spots into their field of view that makes them aware of a bike momentarily riding where they can’t immediately see. Meanwhile, it also warns pedestrians that you’re ready to cross the road in front of them.

The waterproof Blaze is durable enough to hold its ground against the heaviest vibrations and temperatures fluctuations with a perfect diamond-cut finish. The light and laser work independently and cast their respective illumination and images with visibility from any perspective. Even if you aren’t engaging the laser function, the light itself shines a 300 lumen LED that’s impossible to miss.



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Protection while you ride.

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