Birds With Arms Compilation Is Flocking Ridiculous

Ever seen a bird? Sure you have! Seen one in the last hour? Unless you live under a rock, probably so! Did it make you laugh? Unless you got lucky and spotted a blue-footed boobie (seriously who named this bird?) then probably not. Fortunately, if you’re in need of a good laugh, check out this hilarious Birds with Arms Compilation.

We all love to watch a funny cat video every once in a while. Some may argue that they helped transform the internet into the wild and wonderful thing it is today. Until today you probably haven’t ever felt the inkling to watch a funny birds video. Although birds aren’t typically funny, photoshop in some arms in place of their wings and it’s sure to be the funniest thing you see today. Watch as penguins go swimming freestyle with arms instead of flippers. See owls texting their friends and playing a guitar. There are pigeons in suits doing businessman activities from a rooftop. Even giant emus and ostriches playing soccer with a tennis ball. Or, a personal favorite, watch as baby ducklings scare off a cat with their arms raised in the air.

If you don’t think that a parrot doing jumping jacks sounds funny, then maybe you’ll think an owl pulling out some guns is. Regardless of your taste in bird comedy, this video has something that is sure to make you laugh. We guarantee it will be the funniest thing you watch today.

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