biOrbAIR Terrariums Create Small-Scale Bio Domes

The earth is a fragile place. You may have heard about Bio-domes, but the first thing that pops into your head is probably the 1996 movie with Pauly Shore and Stephen Baldwin that thrived on toilet humor. In reality, it’s called a closed ecological system and these manmade ecosystems have the potential to serve as life support during space flights and are good for the environment.That may be so, but you don’t have millions to spend like the University of Arizona. The biOrbAIR may not be a fully-functioning Bio dome, but this terrarium will allow you to grow the most exotic of plants. Air is recycled through a carbon filter while LED lights simulate sunrise, daylight, sunset, and night.Even though it’s on a small scale, the concept seems pretty promising.

biOrb Air Terrarium 10biOrb Air Terrarium 1biOrb Air Terrarium 9biOrb Air Terrarium 8biOrb Air Terrarium 7biOrb Air Terrarium 4biOrb Air Terrarium 5biOrb Air Terrarium 6biOrb Air Terrarium 2


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