Bionic Eye Transplant For Colorado Woman Makes History

Back in the 1970’s, the TV show ‘The Six Million Dollar Man’ was an amazing fiction story about a man with bionic implants which made him into a literal type of superman, able to lift incredible weight with his bionic arm and leg, and could see great distances with his artificial eye.

The TV series was a hit, because the idea that one day in the far future bionic human body parts would become a reality. That day has come. Recently, a Colorado woman received a bionic eye implant that allows her to see, it’s primitive compared to the Bionic Man TV series, but it is definitely a reality now – bionic human body parts that work, these are not perfect ‘yet’, but they will be in the not so distant future.

Jamie Carley, the Colorado woman who received the prosthetic eye from the UCHealth Eye Center, at the University of Colorado Hospital, was able to finally see her teenage son for the first time; it was a special moment to say the least, one that holds great hope out to those who have lost limbs and eyes due to injuries, ailments and birth defects.

What was once a popular TV series based on the idea that bionic human body parts would one day be possible in the future is not a fiction story any longer; that day is now.

Source – UberGizmo via DenverPost

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