Biometric ‘Tech Tattoos’ Monitor Your Health To Sends To Your Doctor

Back in the 1980’s, all types of folks were concerned about how developing technologies like ‘the’ pagers, the cell phones and the internet would affect people’s lives, and how industries and governments would use these, and many other new and upcoming technologies.

The 1984 George Orwell movie, ‘1984’, had people concerned back then about a potentially developing totalitarian government run society that would track Americans, wherever they go, and do. Well, honest folks back then were worried about what we can see today as something extremely useful and good – Biometric ‘tech tattoos’ that can monitor your vital sign and health.

The biometric tattoos aren’t permanent, unlike implants; they can be removed from the skin. What do they actually do? Well, right now, theses can monitor the room temperature, your temperature, your heart rate and other vital statistics. But, these temporary biometric tattoos can also locate you, if someone wanted to know where you were. Is that a bad thing? Not necessarily, it’s a good thing if you got lost or you need medical attention.

Basically, these medical tattoos monitor sick or ailing people, and that information is then sent to doctors, medical professionals or maybe one day to the NSA, CIA, local police departments, or a parole officer; sounds like a conspiracy theory forming. But, for now, biometric tattoos are helping people – the sick.

Biometric-TattoosBiometric-Tattoos (1)Biometric-Tattoos (2)

Source – TechRadar via Chaotic Moon

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