Biolite Camp Stove Charges Gadgets While You Cook

For those who like camping in the outdoors, and for times when you need to start a fire for cooking, there is a way to affordably maintain a camp fire, without the need of expensive gas or charcoal bricks. It’s called Biolite Camp Stove.

What makes Biolite Camp Stove unique is this, instead of using a type of liquid fuel or charcoal; the Biolite can burn biomass like sticks, paper, or cardboard to make a fire to cook with. While hiking, instead of hauling gas canisters around, you don’t need gas canister. For serious campers, or when you need to cook on the road while traveling, the Biolite is ideal. But that is not all it does.

Fires are started via electricity, once the fire grows with aid of an electrical fan, the heat is used to create an electrical charge, and it then recharges the battery. With Biolite Camp Stove, you can charge you mobile devices too, because of the electricity that is produced by the heat.

This is a definite must have item for folks who wish to have the least environmental impact on nature, such as outdoorsmen, hunters, and anyone stuck outside during cold winters can greatly benefit from the Biolite Camp Fire and the electricity it produces.


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