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Bikeman Safety Backpack Vest Makes Your Body The Turn Signal

Screw you, Xbox Kinect and MINORITY REPORT. “Your body is the controller?” Great. Impressive. The BIKEMAN Safety Backpack Vest made my body into a turn signal, the one mysterious device with impossibly confusing operational principles that somehow confound and frustrate travelers and commuters everywhere.

Please, especially if commute on foot, skateboard, hoverboard or bicycle to whatever Point B you depart for daily, make this battery-powered LED vest and handy backpack a staple of your outerwear. As if the conspicuously placed reflector panels wouldn’t add enough visibility, its back-mounted light display flashes four bright motion indicators interchangeable by way of a handy remote control: Forward, Left Turn, Right Turn, and Stop. The LEDs themselves operate on an embedded rechargeable lithium ion battery.

Behold, the mystic turn-signaling power of the ancients – yours, at last! You are now ready to wield the full power of that lever in your car you have ignored in primitive fear for years on end….

Bikeman-LED-Signal-Safety-Vest (1)Bikeman-LED-Signal-Safety-Vest (2)

Bikeman-LED-Safety-Vest (6)Bikeman-LED-Safety-Vest (8)

Bikeman-LED-Safety-Vest (7)Bikeman-LED-Safety-Vest (2)



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