Big Sleeping Grizzly Bear Bean Bag Lets You Hibernate Without Unpleasantness Of Being Eaten

Go ahead and admit it. You reside among friends in a judgment-free zone. Tell the truth: if you happened upon a full-grown hibernating grizzly bear, your last thought as you landed a flawless running swan dive onto its resting body would be, “I’m going to take the fluffiest nap ever!”

Thanks to this plush Big Sleeping Grizzly Bear Beanbag from Hong Kong-based Esty artisans ChicsinDesign, deciding who should reap the posthumous benefits of such a crowning achievement in “Hold my beer and watch this…” no longer has to accompany living the dream of napping atop a majestic murder machine of a mammal. In fact, we like to believe the expert “pixelated” knitting of this first-rate fuzzy furniture’s feather-soft yarn pelt somehow surpasses even the once-in-a-lifetime feeling of landing face-first atop the fleecy belly of a massive, dormant apex predator.

Another key difference? If you flop onto a living grizzly bear that quite recently dined on an elk carcass in the rain, you are simply stuck smelling like wet fur and possibly freshly killed prey. That’s what we would assume if we spent our weekends harassing animals that think humans are pot roasts that scream when bitten. On the other hand, if your Grizzly Bear Beanbag begins to reek, simply shuck the cover for quick and convenient washing per its included instructions.

Please, do not attempt to peel and wash the skin of a true adult grizzly bear unless you indeed happen to be Chuck Norris.


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Hibernation never felt so comfy and scary at the same time

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