Big Lebowski The Dude Ceramic Pipe Tokes Up Fun With Your Favorite Stoner

Let’s get the standard disclaimer out of the way first: obviously, this “The Big Lebowski” The Dude Ceramic Pipe is tailored to the enjoyment of marijuana. Since medicinal and/or recreational use of cannabis is not yet universally permitted across the United States, possession of drug paraphernalia may still be a criminal offense in your area, including a marijuana pipe or bong. Purchase with caution.

If you can indeed legally indulge and/or medicate to keep your mind limber where you live, by all means, adhere to your own drug regimen in style. Etsy artisan WOOFterrapipe’s handcrafted and individually painted ceramic pipes are a bit on the small side to pull a room together, even with a selection including bowl likenesses of Willie Nelson and Hunter S. Thompson among the inspired designs, but honoring “The Big Lebowski” with a puff from the noggin of The Dude himself is certainly a particularly apropos way to bake.

Each and every fully functional pipe is molded from earthen clay and personally fired to guarantee impeccable one-of-a-kind craftsmanship. Please allow The Dude 3-5 days to arrive from Macedonia after your order has been processed. Available only to buyers 18 years of age and older.

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