29 BIG Dogs Are Bigger Than They Think

Love dogs, but not so big on the tiny ones? Bigger is better, right? Darn tootin’! Now if you think you’ve got the biggest dog, think again! These photos are completely real and will have you saying Ay Caramba! These mammoths of dogs are seriously giant-sized, but everyone knows that big dogs have even bigger hearts.

What is it about big dogs? Maybe they just want to think they’re still babies. Or maybe you’ve just been a little too gracious with those puppy treats! Either way, these beauties are seriously adorable and make even the tallest human feel a little inadequate.

Which one is your favorite? Is it the Beethoven look-alike that won’t let you get out of bed? Or is it the 80-pound Malamute that still wants to be held? You decide!

Source – BoredPanda


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