Big Bang Theory Lego Set Reinvents The Periodic Table for Fun Cubed

Your nerdiness knows no bounds. You can recite the digits of pi for what seems like forever. The periodic table is one of your best friends. Heck, you even give Beaker, Dr. Bunsen Honeydew’s assistant, a run for his money.If you’ve been living under a rock or not, you’ve probably spent untold hours on the couch for the past decade watching reruns of the Big Bang Theory. God complex or not, you love building things, and LEGO is extending your childhood habit into adulthood with their Big Bang Theory Set and Minifigures.

From what we can tell, the set is shockingly accurate. You’ll be creating episodes of your own in no time, just don’t share your brilliant ideas without a finder’s fee.

big-bang-theory-sheldon-lego-minifigure-600x600 big-bang-theory-raj-lego-minifigure-600x600 big-bang-theory-penny-lego-minifigure-600x600 big-bang-theory-leonard-lego-minifigure-600x600 big-bang-theory-howard-lego-minifigure-600x600Source – Collider via EW

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