Big Banana Coffee Mug For Monkeying Around The Office Mornings With Coffee

Nearly everyone on the planet is a coffee drinker, and if you want to know the kind of coffee drinker a person is, you can usually get a good idea about them by looking at their choice of coffee mug.

That said, here is a Big Banana Coffee Mug to let anyone who is interested know how big your banana is, it’s “BIG”. If you are the kind of person who likes to monkey-around – a person who likes a good laugh, and who generally likes bananas, then this Big Banana Coffee Mug was made just for you.

And, as you have your daily dose of 24 ounces of caffeine or other beverage, from this high-quality ceramic drinking accessory, while your friends or coworkers look-on in admiration of your choice of mug design, you can have the last laugh. Because as you sip away, the bottom of the mug has a monkey’s face that displays a winking eye that all your admirers will see.

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