Biēm Butter Sprayer Churns Better Butter Instantly

When most people just hear the word ‘butter’, saliva glands begin to activate. Why is that? Because, 100% butter tastes so good, on anything! The only ‘real’ problem with butter is how it is served and the way it is applied to food, an inconvenience that butter lovers have had to wrestle with, until now.

The biēm Butter Sprayer, designed by a true butter lover, it can easily apply that golden-yellow goodness to any food. All that you have to do is drop some real butter in the chamber, point and fire! It only melts the butter as you need it, and sprays it where you want it, like the frying pan, toast, eggs, muffins or into any recipe that requires it.

One of the biggest hassles with butter has always been storage, not anymore. Once you load-up your 100% butter into this thing you don’t have to worry about it melting in the dish, cup or butter container you are using. Instead, it is sealed tight inside the butter sprayer, until you need it. And, with the advance heating mechanism, it only takes seconds for the butter to melt and spray. Sound good? It tastes even better!

With over $171k by over 1200 backers, this product is good to go after sliding way past their $42k goal with 21 more days to go.
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