Better Call Saul Heat Changing Mug For When Things Get Hot

So, you had a little run in with some no good-doers and now you have a couple of bodies that need to disappear. Or, maybe you have discovered in many creative ways that crime ‘does’ pay, but you got the law buzzing around and need a little legal direction.

Then you need to Call Saul. To help you remember you got someone on your team in a pinch, this Call Saul Heat Changing Mug will remind you. When you poor a nice hot coffee, because you need to think of way out of bad situation gone worse, and you absolutely need a lawyers with no moral hurdles, you will be reminded who to call when you see the words ‘Call Saul” on your mug.

Cold bodies tell no tale, and this mug won’t squeal either unless things get hot. Once you pour the hot coffee in the cup starts singing like a canary, reminding you who to call when you got legal troubles.

Better Call Saul Mug

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