Better Call Saul Alias Generator Gives You A New Identity In 60 Seconds

One of the most anticipated new shows that will probably have one the highest viewership opening of all TV shows since the beginning of time is Better Call Saul.  Since Breaking Bad has been off the air, in your desperation to find something to fill the void may have led you to do some unfathomable things that you’d rather not talk about, forcing you to go into hiding, destroying any ability to come out  and watch the new show. Critics  have been applauding at how the first 2 episodes they got a sneak peak of is better than any episode of Breaking Bad. Thats some pretty bold claims. We shall see.

animated better call saul

To help you come out of hiding to watch, Saul Goodman with the team at AMC have created an Alias Generator that will give you a new identity in less than 60 seconds flat.

Once you sign in, you can customize it however you want and even download high resolution copies of your new license to do with as you wish.

Visit The Facebook Page and Get Your Alias Here

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