Best of the Worst Ultimate Fails Compilation 2015

They are the best of fails. They are the worst of fails.

With 2015 coming to a close this past week, everyone and their dogs will be weighing in for the next week to come with their totally authoritative assessments of everything that was great and awful about The Year That Was. If you’re already tired of one Instagram album after another chronicling “The Best Goat Cheese-Arugula Frito Pies Of The Year”, then take a break and tip your cap along with FailArmy to this Ultimate Fails Compilation of 2015’s boldest idiots to wave their naughty bits at Darwinism and good sense.

From a toddler telling someone to “f*** off” and some doofus making a majestic and fiery phallus out of a Roman candle to a few classic skateboard biffs and an elephant, lion and gorilla just not taking humanity’s shit anymore, it was a year when God looked upon Man and said unto his angels, “Don’t one of you say a single word….”

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