Best House Halloween Light Show Synced With Rocky Horror Picture Show’s Time Warp

Halloween is AWESOME at this guys house, although his neighbors may not agree. We weren’t sure he could do it, but Creative Lighting Displays maestro of music and motion KJ has stepped up his game this done himself. The Riverside, Calif. lighting display master incorporated a brand-new duo of P10 Matrix boards to add an even more spectacular element to this year’s exhibition of anthropomorphic lights synchronized in perfect time with the unforgettable classic “Rocky Horror Picture Show” dance number “Time Warp.” The result plays the cult-favorite movie’s iconic scene on either side of the house on giant, brilliant displays that KJ claims the video doesn’t do justice.

“The new Matrix boards are too bright and detail for my video camera but look very good in person,” KJ said. “I need to figure out how to fix this.”

Of course, it isn’t like the tombstones, strobes, floods, hand-carved Jack O’Lanterns, four singing pumpkins, and thousands of perfectly timed lights steal the show at all.

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