Best Headshot Fails Compilation Ever of Balls to the Face!

BOOM! Either The Greatest Or Worst Head-Shots Ever, No Matter Which Way You Look At It.

You might have enough muscle for to carve out three whole new men from your body. You might eat lightning and crap thunder. You might even be a bad enough dude to save the President.

Fact is, from first-person shooters to professional boxing, mixed martial arts and wrestling, one well-placed blow to the head can relieve you of the burden of third-grade memories. Hell, those are just the “intentional” examples. These poor bastards never even had the luxury of seeing it coming and bracing themselves.

True, at least half his career was built on ripping off his best friend Bill Hicks’ material, but Denis Leary once absolutely nailed it – right on the head, one might say: “Life sucks, get a helmet.”

In case you missed it, part 1 from last year.

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