BeON home LED Smart Lights Work Without Power In Emergencies

BeONhome LED lights are unique and useful for many things, such as by using LED lights just a few hours a day, instead of your regular lights, you can save money. These lights are 75% more efficient than non-LED lighting. And, they have on-board memory, which learns your lighting schedules and then operates to save you money.

BeONhome home lights can also turn on when the power goes out, because they have their own removable charger and battery pack, and will turn on as soon as the power stops. If that doesn’t impress you, then you may not know that these special LED lights can be trained to turn on when the doorbell rings, or it hears your fire alarms go off.

BeON home LED lights are smart lights, with sound activated features that programs itself too meet your needs. Simply put, its both Security and safety built into the smartest light bulb yet.




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