Bento Induction Speaker Plays Deliciously Immersive Audio

The sleek and modern design of these close contact induction speakers are enough to make any sci-fi lover’s phase blade tingle!

Inspired by the delicious and compact design of Japanese lunchboxes, its rounded shape offers 360 degrees of high quality, immersive, audio; spewing music in every direction. Perfect for late night raves or jamming out to those obscure songs from your childhood and hassle-free setup means no annoying wires to hostage bind you. These speakers work with any phone or small audio source and come equip with a battery life of up to six continuous hours of playback!

The Induction Speaker uses Advanced Wireless Near Field Induction Audio Technology so it requires no cable, no Bluetooth, no infrared, no WiFi. Just simply put your mobile phone on the speaker, the sound will be magically amplified with omni-directional audio. Connecting your gadgets doesn’t get any easier that that. The battery inside lasts about 6 hours on a single charge, so you’ll have phenomenal sounds all night long.

With unique color schemes these speakers will fit into any music lover’s abode and provide hours of wireless musical relaxation.

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