Ben & Jerry’s Belgium Beer Ice-Cream Combines Eating And Drinking To Save The Environment

A lot is happening on our planet, unfortunately, a lot of bad, such as the negative effects of climate change. Our planet needs as many heroes to stand up and speak in its behalf. A few companies have ante-upped their efforts to build planetary awareness to help fight off climate change – Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream and New Belgium Beer.

These are two unlikely companies with nothing in common except planetary concern for the environment, and the fact that they have produced beer flavored ice cream and ice cream flavored beer – something that was once thought impossible, just like saving the planet’s climate, it can be done.

How does New Belgium Salted Carmel Brown-ie Ale flavored ice cream, and Slated Carmel Brown-ie flavored beer sound? Sounds pretty good; so does supporting programs that regulate carbon pollution. Even before Ben and Jerry started their successful ice cream brand, they have been activists directing peoples’ attention towards the environment.

With these two new products, and these two companies doing their part to help keep our planet clean; you can drink to their planetary success, and then eat some ice cream.


Source – Ben and Jerrys

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