Bel & Bel / Vespa Scooter Chair Made With Authentic Parts Is Bellissimo

Many people today are ‘chained’ to a desk job, and all day they sit in a chair that may not be too comfortable, or appealing. Well, not to worry, especially if you are a scooter lover, because now there is a comfortable and very sporty new computer chair that is made from the famous scooter brand Bel & Bel.

The Bel & Bel Scooter Chair, its comfortable, it looks great, and it’s a limited edition. The parts are original Italian Bel & Bel scooter parts, each scooter chair is numbered to prove its authenticity, just like a new scooter off the assembly line.

Now you can ‘roll’ in your very own Bel & Bel scooter chair, at home or at work. These are great for nostalgic themed rooms or for those who wish to add some charter to their work space. The chair weighs about 40 pounds and is available in all colors.

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