Beer Shower Curtain Extends Beer O’ Clock In Your Bathroom

No one knows beer like you do. Whether you’re educating restaurants to get a better beer selection, traversing the globe to find those one-of-a-kind brews, or simply educating those wine snobs that you know something about culture too, you know the ins and outs. It’s your thing.You thrive on knowing when it’s beer o’ clock, so the next time you’re looking for the perfect pint with just the right amount of head, consider bringing that experience to your bathroom. Hey, we’re not advocating drinking in your bathroom, but if you’re really that thirsty…Iwoot is pouring your favorite brew with their beer shower curtain. Who needs water when you can bathe in beer, right? Just don’t pass out in the bathtub like that one time.

Beer OClock Beer Shower Curtain  (2) Beer OClock Beer Shower Curtain  (3)
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