Beef Jerky Gun Answers the Question – Where’s the Beef?

Smokey taste. A flavor to die for. Chewy and filling. Beef Jerky has been around for centuries. Though no one knows the exact origin of this delicious treat, it’s survived the test of time with a number of tastes from peppered to teriyaki to sweet & hot.If you find yourself in the gas station you probably realize just how pricey all the premium beef jerkies are. Why can’t you just make it yourself? Well, the process in itself is known to be a tad bit difficult. You have to prepare and dry the meat in the right conditions otherwise you’re efforts are screwed.

Lucky for carnivorous predators, a new invention is making those money-hungry beef jerky corporations cry you a river. It’s called the Jerky Gun and it comes with a kit that provides you with everything you’ll need to create your own meaty delicacies.

Where’s the beef? In your kitchen fool!DIGITAL CAMERABeef Jerky Gun 1



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  1. I dunno hm interesting idea, but I just prefer the cut meat bits version. But that’s just me. I’m old school ;-)

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