Beer Mitts Let’s You Become Edward Beer Hands With These Pointless-But-Fun Mitts!


 There’s a game that a lot of college students enjoy called ‘Edward Beer Hands’. The idea is that you have a bottle of beer taped to each hand and this then ensures that you have to drink throughout the night. It also makes things like going to the toilet, opening doors or taking off jumpers very difficult and thus encourages more rapid drinking.

Clearly this is a game that the makers of these ‘Suzy Kuzy Knit Beer Mitts’ have enjoyed. Either that, or they’re just tired of holding beer when it’s very cold outside (which admittedly is a challenge sometimes). This, presumably, would be why they invented these mitts which are standard gloves except for a large hole right in the middle that’s designed to snugly fit a bottle or can of beer.

Now you can stand outside sipping beer without worrying about your fingers getting icy. Of course you could have just put on regular gloves and then held the cans of beer… But this way at least if you pass out you’ll still be holding the beer which is definitely a big plus.

You can definitely file this one under ‘novelty gift’ – but it’s a laugh!

Source – CoolMaterial / Suzy Kuzy


Suzy Kuzy Gloves
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Get Drunk and Never Actually Touch A Beer

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