Beartooth Turns Your Smartphone Into 5-Mile Radius Walkie-Talkies To Voice & Text With No Service

If ever there were an idea whose time is long overdue, it’s a “backwards compatible” phone that adapts as a walkie talkie in the worst-case scenarios when one needs cellular coverage where there isn’t a signal bar to be had.

Beartooth is a revolution in wireless communications, an iOS and Android-compatible accessory that allows a device to talk, text and share offline maps and personally highlighted landmarks with other Beartooth-paired handsets without either phone needing cellular service. Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity pairs all Beartooth devices within range into a miniature network of advanced walkie-talkies with mesh networking that extends both LOS and NLOS ranges (5 miles voice/10 miles text and 2 miles voice/4 miles text, respectively).

Networking is built on AES 256-encryption for security comparable to the average smartphone OS paired with a 900 MHz digital transceiver. Even better, its four-day battery life with 1.75 times the capacity of an iPhone 6S serves as an immensely convenient backup power source for any compatible Android or iOS phone.

All the while, as far as calls and text messaging are concerned, it can do just about anything in a sans-coverage pinch that any respectable smartphone can do. You might be out of bars, but Beartooth never leaves you out of touch. Beartooth Communication Device (5)Beartooth Communication Device (6)Beartooth Communication Device (7)Beartooth Communication Device (1)Beartooth Communication Device (2)Beartooth Communication Device (4)


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