BearTek Gen II Smart Gloves Remotely Controls Your Mobile Devices

In our busy life today, there is so much to do outdoors, to have fun. Activities like cycling, motor sports, skiing and hiking are just a few of the activities people engage in that requires you to wear gloves. And, that’s not a problem. Unless, you are trying to listen to your mp4 music while skiing and you want to change your music list, or if you need to answer your smartphone while skiing, then gloves can be a hassle.

Because smartphones and tablets are now used extensively, people take them wherever they go, even while out-and-about, and gloves get in the way. What if there was a pair of gloves that you never had to take off to answer a call on your smartphone, or to change your music list? A pair of glove that let you control such functions, without taking them off, wouldn’t that be ‘great’?

Well, now there is such a pair of high-tech gloves called BearTek Gen II. These are remote-controlled smartgloves, it’s true! Now, runners, motorcyclists, and those who love snow sports can wear these smartgloves to control their mobile devices, and never have to take their gloves off again.

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