Beard and Mustache World Championship Is A Monument To Manliness

There’s facial hair as a robust badge of a waterfall of testosterone. Then there’s artful, mesmerizing facial hair as proof that you are indeed a living, breathing Final Fantasy NPC.

If there is one happening that every red-blooded, proud man on Earth owes it to himself to experience at least once in a lifetime – assuming it cannot become an annual pilgrimage – it’s the World Beard And Mustache Championships, such as the 2015 gathering on Oct. 3 in Leogang, Austria.

Just look at them all. Behold, those incredible soup-strainers. Man should not wield the majesty of such monumental hair that it seems to scoff at the very notion of gravity. Unique Hunters proudly salutes these 350-plus men representing 20 countries in 18 categories of facial finery in three groups: mustache, beard, and partial beard.

Source – Design You Trust / (Photos by Jan Hetfleisch/Getty Images)

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