Beach Bot Robot Draws Large Pictures In The Sand

There are robots and drones everywhere it seems these days, in the sky, on the water and now on beaches. But instead of monitoring people and places, this Beach Bot robot can draw large images in the sand. Technically, according to its creators (Disney researchers and scientists), any picture can be drawn by this entertainment robot in the sand.

It’s nice to see robot technology being used for entertainment fun, instead of for surveillance, spying and war. Research scientists from Switzerland are creating robots for Disney from the ground up, designing and building them to perform unique tasks, such as drawing pictures in the sand of the iconic face of Walt Disney.

Why images in the sand? Why not? Just imagine the advertising potential of this Beach Bot, large detailed pictures in the sand could be seen for miles. How about a beach sign that reads ‘Will you marry me’ or ‘Caution, attack seagulls ahead’?

Advertisers will surely find more constructive ways to put this little Beach Bot to work.


Source – Awesomer via Disney Research / BeachBot

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