BBQ Multi Tool Is The One Cooking Utensil To Rule Them All

No jokes about this one. No snark. No saucy repartee. The BBQ Multi Tool from Firebox proves that someone out there has mapped the very finest threads of our carnivorous souls.

It’s the one aspect of summertime cookouts that never fails to annoy us: keeping track of numerous utensils while tending the grill. We somehow have to make room for sizable forks, spatulas and marinade brushes in the midst of the sauces and dishes surrounding the cooking area, but we then occasionally have to duck away from stabbing, turning and basting our feast to track down a corkscrew or bottle-opener for some soothing liquid refreshments.

Well, screw that noise. Arriving in a super-swank gift box, the BBQ Multi Tool indeed looks like an absurdly large Swiss Army knife but deserves to be held aloft like Excalibur for streamlining our alfresco cooking enjoyment forever more. This all-purpose piece of hardware is made from sturdy silicone and stainless steel, measures roughly 30 centimeters by 2 centimeters by 9 centimeters and conveniently stores a basting brush, spatula, fork, corkscrew and bottle-opener. Measuring about the length of a full-size Subway sandwich, it won’t exactly stow neatly in any reasonable pocket. Then again, keeping track of one foot-long utensil beats the bejeezus out of fumbling with a half-dozen or so while keeping close watch over the ribs.

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Fork, spatula, basting brush, bottle-opener and corkscrew

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