BBQ Branding Iron Lets You Brand Meat With Your Name!

Do you consider yourself the ideal cook when it comes to frying steak and other meats? It is perhaps one of the most important of the manly arts and will enable you to both impress your guests and eat excellent meat – two worthwhile causes if ever there were any!

But if you cook an amazing steak and no one is around to see, how do you prove that it was yours?

BBQ Branding Iron With Changeable Letters

Simple: you brand the steak with your name!

This is not only a ton of fun but it’s also great for adding a touch of style. It would also be pretty cool for restaurants wanting to increase their brand recognition. But for the average Joe (which is handily a very short name) you don’t need a reason to brand stuff with your name. Everything is better when it’s branded with your name because then it is definitely yours.

BBQ Branding Letters

Why not try branding your dog with your name?

That was a trick question. You must never brand your dog with your name because you will be arrested. And also it’s a terrible thing to do. Instead, stick to branding meat with your name using this BBQ Branding Iron. You get 52 letters so even foreign dictators should have space for their whole title.

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