BB-8 Ice Mold Is The Chillest Force Of Cuteness

Face it, this all panned out just about exactly as expected: about two weeks and change into its worldwide release, STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS has already sunk James Cameron’s chick-flick period romance leviathan TITANIC to reign as the second-highest grossing domestic release in history with Cameron’s Smurf-war parade of pretty, pretty colors AVATAR well within its sights.

Do we thank the merchandise for lighting this fire with gasoline or the mortal lock positive reception for inflating the merchandise revenue? Hard to say, but sweet, sweet licensing money goes with STAR WARS the way the prequel trilogy goes with disproportionate exasperation: if the correlation disappoints you, ask yourself just what you were expecting.

This time around, the Ewok Memorial Award for Inescapable Toyetic Character Performance goes to BB-8, the frankly impressive practical Astromech droid that has stolen hearts since the very first teaser trailer and rolled hard right into hearts everywhere. Much like legendary predecessor R2-D2, there’s seemingly nothing this plucky little fellow can’t do. These BB-8 Ice Sphere Molds notch pretty much the last helpful task off the list in fine style: chilling a fine tumbler of whiskey just “so”.

Thanks to these top-notch silicone rubber molds, you can now find out if this little show-stealer also happens to known how to swim. Drown the droid in any beverage that suits your fancy, by all means. However, feel free to get a bit bold, too.

See, the BB-8 Ice Sphere Mold’s durable material happens to also be quite heat resistant. When frozen water at last gets boring, make your own delicious Astromech avatar in mediums ranging from brownie and cupcake batter to scrumptious filled chocolates. When all is said and done, take a great big bite out of his sweet little head.

Yes, the Dark Side has cookies. Jedi have edible robot friends.


BB-8 Ice Mold
BB-8 Ice Mold

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Chillest Drink Cooler Ever

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