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BB-8 Desktop Lamp Shines The Lighter Side Of The Force On Your Desk

Has R2-D2 been beeping just a tad resentfully at you every time you’ve hit YouTube’s Replay button on the final STAR WARS – THE FORCE AWAKENS trailer? Well, given just what a fascinating little practical effect of a droid the rollin’-n’-tumblin’ BB-8 looks to be, perhaps the galaxy’s most famous astromech is right to feel a bit insecure.

As yet, there’s really no quantifying everything BB-8 can do, but ThinkGeek has just exclusively made one thing abundantly clear: it’s among the galaxy’s finest Desktop Lamps. This versatile source of practically sized illumination activates your choice of three color modes with a gentle tap to BB-8’s noggin to wake it up and a few more to choose from natural white, warm white, or amber. The amber and natural white settings also enable BB-8’s touch-and-hold manual dimmer to strike that Just So mood.

Well, sure. The BB-8 Desktop Lamp is a fine work-space accessory. However, can it carry your lunch or serve as a handy mug for hot beverages on cold-as-Hoth nights?

See, Artoo? There’s always a place for a plucky little roving smart-ass trashcan like you.

BB-8 Desktop Lamp (1)BB-8 Desktop Lamp (1)


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